• 5 star review  Very nice artwork, they've done a commission for a friend of mine and it turned out really well 🙂 a masterpiece for sure~

    thumb Zack Kat

    4 star review  Had a commission done by Kirsten which came out awesome. My only complaint is the amount of time it took to complete and felt it kept getting pushed back a couple of times. Though I understand multiple things were being done at the time. Skillful work and may commission again.

    thumb Dylan Mansel

    5 star review  Love the art makes my name of character comes to life

    thumb Sade Dennis
  • 5 star review  Amazing work! Loved the final product! Excellent communication!

    thumb McKenna Hager

    5 star review  Thank you, Kirsten, for doing such a wonderful job designing our Spilt Arts website! Christina and the rest of us at Spilt really appreciate all your hard work. You've done everything we were looking for with the site and it looks great!

    thumb Richard Ho

    5 star review  Couldn't be more happy and satisfied with everything they have done for me and continue to do for me. They've helped me get my website were it is today, FightBookMMA .com. If you want the best you have to be with the best.

    thumb Roberto Villa
  • positive review  I'm glad you approached me for a commission. I really like the portrait you did of my character! Good artist 😀

    thumb Were Wolf

    5 star review  Love the result! Glad I commissioned them c:

    thumb Randall Phi Hoxton

    4 star review  Had a lovely commision done, and it looks fantastic! 4 stars soley on the fact it was about a month overdue, but it was co.pletely worth the wait for Leon! Thanks so much to the amazing artists.

    thumb Azzy Kline
  • 5 star review  Just fantastic work by this fine artist. Took a vague idea and turned it into a masterpiece.

    thumb Lee Erickson Stahl

    5 star review  they do their job professionaly and our really open minded to whT you want them to do overall they re amazing and really cool to work with i recommand them

    thumb Alexis Ferland

    5 star review  Was exactly what I was looking for in an art piece that I commissioned! Thank you very much!

    thumb Christopher O'Brien
  • 4 star review  Did a lovely job! Worth the money! Thank you so much! 🙂

    thumb Mike Bacci

    5 star review  I sent in some poor references because that was all I had for the character and the artist did an amazing job putting everything together into a solid image. I love the work, though keep in mind when ordering that the to-do list is quite long in terms of art, so be patient (like 2-3 months patient). Great communication and willingness to fix up minor issues with the finished product.

    thumb Lucien Linnaeus

    5 star review  I had the pleasure of working with Hostan, Toussaint, and Gabriel on a project that is very dear to me. It was a real treasure to work with them. Their professionalism is outstanding. They were giving of their time, they respect the craft and artistry and, most importantly, the process and make sure to work with the client on a very personal and amiable level. Their expertise in CG backgrounds and virtual cinematography is stunning and was a very enlightening and invaluable experience.

    thumb Ricardo Tomita
  • 5 star review  Commissioned an illustration for a story I was writing, and was incredibly impressed with the artists professional attitude and constant updates and communication. Will definitely commission again!

    thumb Stephanie Spears

    5 star review  My commission looks amazing! I recommend you commission her as well!

    thumb Zoe Smith

    5 star review  They drew up a character of mine name Petri Chitanya and it came out beautifully. All the detail, shading, and lighting makes the character look like it could come off the paper and be real. I am happy to have commission them~

    thumb Whitney Martin

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As a horn player, SKL is the type of track that we love playing over. This track proves that funk never goes out of style with an infectious bass line and strings layered on top. This song definitely has soul.

Mark Morgan
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beatsofhell musician

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Some Kind of Lover’ is a fun and infectious song that captures a classic energy and feel. Great music that is true to itself and (Hostan Gouthier)The Hawk’s vision.

Peter Duff
Recording Engineer

User Reviews

It is nothing short of eternal gratitude that I feel for being a part of Natural Records Studios for their productions. The track “Some Kind of Lover” is a no holds barred groove delight. Refreshing, hands-on, all with real people playing with real feeling and bleeding out with their own brand of urban passion. Watch out world, it’s about to get real again.

Mark A. Corradetti
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beatsofhell musician


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