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Pre-production, like the filmmaking as a process as a whole, is complicated and can be daunting for independent filmmakers/gamedevelopers.

Planning | Scripting | Soryboarding etc.


Creating a film or game development might be magical but, they don’t come out of thin air. Even before the pre-production process starts, you need an idea, and often a fairly polished screenplay to work off of. But when it’s crunch time, you need to finalize that screenplay and convert it to a development/shooting script. Although most of our clients already have scripts or storyline in mind we can difinitely also help you in creating one.


Storyboards go hand-in-hand with shooting scripts—creating a visual interpretation of the screenplay for the director and head VFX artist to reference and prepare for. We have storyboard artists who will prepare your stories and bring the story to life. Once your vision is seen—even in black-and-white sketches—it comes alive in a way that you and the entire crew can see and gives them a concrete vision to strive for.

Environment Creation

We have thousands of assets in characters and environments in which we can create from scratch based on your visualized characters and scenes/ environments for your film/game.

Find the Right Artists

From pre-production to post production our entire team is dedicated in creating the highest quality of film/ music or game development in the industry.

eArtisan makes sure that our clients are at ease and can reach us anytime in terms of questions and brainstorming throughout the whole process. We have a dedicated support. We use bitrix as our working environment where you have install the app in your mobile to receive updates and communicate with us.

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