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Post Production

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The post-production process begins after all the footage has been captured.  This is actually one of my favorite parts of the game development and video making process. Graphics can be added along with images, music production or musical score, color correction, and special effects as well as final touches. Musical score (music production) and final editing happen in this final stage. This is where your game development or film/music video will really come to life.

Everything between production and creating the final master copy. | Final revisions | Sound effects | Music Production.

During this final stage of the production, we still make sure that our clients are at ease and can reach us anytime in terms of questions and brainstorming throughout the final process. We have reached the final page and we want to make sure that everything is at par in terms of quality, deliverability and that our collaborative works is a success and that our clients are happy with the final productions. Below is a tutorial on how post-production works in terms of color grading etc.


We at eArtisan, not only produce all the assets from the ground up but we also provide one of the important aspect of your film/game development which is the musical score.  We are your ultimate partner in your game / film developments!

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