Game Environment Is the New Frontier

Game Environment is The New World

Have you ever had the feeling of knowing a place so intimately without having been there before? I am not talking about Déjà vu this time, I am talking about Virtual Reality and personal gaming environment.

I am not a local or native New Yorker. Be that as it may, in the same way as other individuals previously me, I get myself more at home in New York City than anyplace else I have lived. This sense of ease in the city is one that was birthed via Virtual Reality. I realized I was a “goner” after I came back from a nonappearance of half a month and ended up in the Times Square metro station last summer. It was sweltering, sticky, and rotten as just a swarmed New York subway station in summer can be. Yet as the groups clamored around me, everything I could believe was the amount I cherished this place and that I was so happy to be back!

That sort of senseless happiness doesn’t keep going long, yet there are numerous reasons that even the unordinary difficulties of “NYC” merit enduring. Imagine having the ability to experience the same wherever, whenever; As a Video Game Designer and filmmaker my time in New York inspired me to recreate the big apple as my game environment for “V3”, Drones Over N.Y Chapter; on Sony PS4, PSVR, XBOX1.

As I walk through my personal gaming environment I witness different scenes the so call city plays around me. I cherish my perspective of the city- the city’s image; the horizon of Manhattan with the Chrysler and Empire State Buildings, the Queensboro Bridge angling underneath them, and the East River reflecting everything. The magic of Virtual Reality and personal gaming environment coming together to make an

enjoyable gaming blend.

At the beginning of the day, I can smell curry drifting out of houses on my way to the subway. There are over 120 distinct nationalities living in Astoria—just about 66% of the countries on the planet, its music to my ears to bear witness to so many languages and cultures. I cherish the fact that many neighborhoods are an odd blend of homes, distribution centers, auto body shops, bodegas, and exhibition halls, kids play cheerfully on the road and it feels homey to me. I know for a fact that my own neighborhood is comprised of altogether different sorts of individuals: arrangers, instructors, settlers, artists, policemen, on-screen characters, janitors, makers; that I’m not limited in food choices, I have a taste of the world anytime and I love it! All you have to do is turn the game environment on.

The effectively available subway ties the city through its dependability and availability, it holds the city together and makes it feel like any piece of it is at your fingertips. I enjoy that subway ride because I feel a sense of freedom and anonymity while seeing thousands of distinctive faces, each with a story to tell. I find it so cool that the greater part of the general population in New York will remain to the other side on the elevators coming up out of the metro to enable those strolling up the lifts to move by, the funny thing about it, it’s that it’s unique to New York as against other American cities.

Virtual Reality

game environment

Being a visitor to my New York World even though it’s a game environment I felt everyone and everything, the city, and its elements were interacting with me. I come to realize that my Virtual Reality world unlocked many emotions that only others will bear witness once they become visitors themselves. At the point when the experience was over I gave others a chance to share the experience just to see their reactions, the outcome was unadulterated amazement, yet these responses hadn’t been created by a sensational melodic score or post-production, or close up shots that zoomed in on an especially poignant face or detail, interactivity was not even enabled. These are all the aspects of traditional filmmaking (except interactivity) that are designed to trigger our emotional engagement, for all intents and purposes are all virtually absent in this Virtual Reality immersive experience

I’m one of those who believes that Virtual Reality can change the world, filmmaker Chris Milk said it best ” VR connects humans to other humans in a profound way that has never been seen before in any form of media and it can change people’s perception of each other, and that’s how I think Virtual Reality has the power to change the world”.

Video Games, The New Art Form

Art has always been an avenue to express other’s experiences, a stubborn desire with understanding and conveying the experience of common man, in all medium from Music, Movies, Books, Fine Art and now Video Games. It’s so amazing to see that environment games are playing their own part in expressing these experiences.

So, what are the end results and effects of this fact; does Art actually changes human behaviors? This is a subject to a never-ending debate despite the fact that there is an impressive amount of data that proves the benefits of art, nevertheless, communication is the credo I subscribe to. The only fact that should quell all debates is that the power of communication can’t be denied; from the decline in war and global violence, communication enlarges our tribal outlook hence our moral concern for others.

Communication can also be a weapon of mass destruction I.e. Media’s Use of Propaganda to Persuade People’s Attitude, Beliefs and Behaviors Modern propaganda uses all the media available to spread its message, including: press, radio, television, film, computers, fax machines, posters, meetings, door-to-door canvassing, handbills, billboards, speeches, flags, street names, monuments, coins, stamps, books, plays, comic strips, poetry, music, sporting events, cultural events, company reports, libraries, and awards and prizes.

Anyways, back to New York; I cherish the feeling of opportunity that appears to be limitless in NYC. There is always a new show, another opening, another eatery. At first, it is energizing and animating to attempt it at the same time. Be that as it may, as I put down roots, I’ve figured out how to settle on decisions and let the extravagance feed and invigorate without making me unhinged.

A topic that goes through a lot of what I cherish best about New York City is that such huge numbers of individuals here are enthusiastic about something, working at it energetically. Regardless of whether it is theater or music or nourishment or workmanship or website composition or a huge number of other increasingly surprising gifts, you will locate the best of them here. On the off chance that you were without companion where you used to live, here you will, as a rule, end up encompassed by individuals who are in the same class as you or better.

While that can be discouraging, particularly when you are searching for work, it is additionally exciting and testing, pushing you to wind up superior to anything you are and to perceive what you cherish all the more unmistakably. Furthermore, in the event that you used to feel that you were working in a vacuum, here individuals are anxious to see your work and comprehend it. You can discover somebody who is great at nearly anything in this city. On the off chance that you require a unique sort of needle therapy, you can discover it. On the off chance that you require an on-screen character who communicates in French to fill in at last in a play, you can discover him. The city is brimming with individuals who are enthusiastic about what they do, loaded with shrouded abilities.

Virtual Reality is giving filmmakers a new way to explore complex narratives and get your film done! Finally, I will leave you with some quotes from a few of my favorite directors.

Movie Directors

Filmmaking and Gaming can and should be combined. Interactivity in films is the way of the future. “I think ultimately the big game of the next five years will be a game where you empathize very strongly with the characters, and it’s aimed at women and girls. Because they like empathetic games,” The statement perpetuates a particularly prevalent stereotype, but it’s hard to ignore the fact that there is a vast market out there that is not being served by the current generation of AAA titles and gaming devices. Mattrick himself said as much, predicting that consoles will soon move beyond the current global install base of 300 million thanks largely to new capabilities and features.” – George Lucas – The Verge 2013

Virtual entertainment: VR has the potential to remake storytelling, from how we watch movies to how we play games to how we pass time while waiting for a flight. – Steven Spielberg.

Martin Scorcese: He stresses, however, that “the tools don’t make the movie, you make the movie.” “JOHN CASSAVETS friend and Scorcese’s mentor use to say, “you have to be absolutely dedicated to the work, you have to give everything of yourself, and you have to protect the spark of connection that drove you to make the picture in the first place. You have to protect it with your life.”

In the past, because making movies was so expensive, we had to protect against exhaustion and compromise. In the future, you’ll have to steel yourself against something else: the temptation to go with the flow and allow the movie to drift and float away.

This isn’t just a matter of cinema. There are no shortcuts to anything. I’m not saying that everything has to be difficult. I’m saying that the voice that sparks you is your voice – that’s the inner light, as the Quakers put it.”

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