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User Reviews

As a horn player, SKL is the type of track that we love playing over. This track proves that funk never goes out of style with an infectious bass line and strings layered on top. This song definitely has soul.

Mark Morgan
trumpet player, composer, arranger,educator
beatsofhell musician

User Reviews

Some Kind of Lover’ is a fun and infectious song that captures a classic energy and feel. Great music that is true to itself and (Hostan Gouthier)The Hawk’s vision.

Peter Duff
Recording Engineer

User Reviews

It is nothing short of eternal gratitude that I feel for being a part of Natural Records Studios for their productions. The track “Some Kind of Lover” is a no holds barred groove delight. Refreshing, hands-on, all with real people playing with real feeling and bleeding out with their own brand of urban passion. Watch out world, it’s about to get real again.

Mark A. Corradetti
Musician | Artist
beatsofhell musician

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