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The first true comic books were marketed in 1933 as giveaway advertising premiums. By 1935 reprints of newspaper strips and books with original stories were selling in large quantities. During World War II comics dealing with war and crime found many readers among soldiers stationed abroad, and in the 1950s comic books were blamed for juvenile delinquency.

With all of the comic book properties invading TV and movies over the last decade, it’s easy to want to jump headfirst into the medium and read everything within grabbing distance. There’s a problem, though: Since the industry pumps out dozens of new issues per week, and thousands per year, it’s almost impossible for new fans to know where to begin.

The solution

Connecting your story or book to various media is key, the immense success of comic books related movies proves that most of all comic books make your story and vision immortal!

Comic book characters can be interesting, and the real people behind them can be even more fascinating. Comic books create visionaries and shape tomorrow’s bold visions!

When Elon Musk says that he read a lot of comics as a kid he isn’t kidding. “I read all the comics I could buy,” the Tesla and SpaceX CEO “or that they let me read in the bookstore before chasing me away.”

Here at Natural Records Studios, our creative director “Hostan The Hawk Gouthier ” and founder was also influenced by comic books, his love for unknown has a profound influence in his creative writing and stories!

There’s a kid in all of us, the biggest ordeal in this world is that people forget that 1st child – Hostan H. Gouthier.

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